The worry and the respect we have in the Spanish brewing sector for the environment is a well known priority. Multiple are the efforts and resources dedicated by the brewing companies to minimize the environmental impact from their own business activity in favor of sustainable development.

The lines in which the Spanish brewers work to go further than what the law requires are, mainly: the reduction of waste generation (cardboard, glass, wood, plastic, raw materials, etc.), the decrease of atmospheric emissions, the introduction of continuous improvements in the containers and the rationalization of energy consumption specific to beer production (water, energy, etc.).


The manuals of correct practices, the internal and external environmental reports, the environmental audits that the Spanish brewing companies undergo voluntarily, are a clear reflection of our consideration of the surroundings.

More than just the strict compliance with the current environmental law, which defends the elective pick-up and recycling, the Spanish brewers believe it to be very important to work on prevention, reducing waste from its origin. However, there are some limitations in establishing the measures for efficient prevention; for example, the preferences of the consumers, who mainly demand single-use reduced size designs and containers rather than larger-sized, returnable formats, are a notable obstacle in the developing of effective prevention policies.

In spite of these limitations, Cerveceros de Espaņa does not cede in its effort and actively participates in the Business Plans for Containers Waste Prevention promoted by Ecovidrio (non-profit organization in charge of glass container waste management throughout Spain).

The report of the results of the application of the first plans show how the Spanish brewing sector has not only met the objectives set but also has greatly surpassed them, widening prevention with measures not initially considered. All measures adopted keep in mind the reduction of container weight as well as the improvement of their environmental quality.

Having already completed the three Sectorial Plans of Container Waste Prevention which covered the period of 1997 - 2007, it is currently in the horizon towards 2010.

(Additional Information on the Environmental Standard in the LEGAL FRAMEWORK.)