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Founding of the Association of Beer Manufacturers of Spain


· 1922. Founding of the Association of Beer Manufacturers of Spain

Facing the known need to join forces to defend common interests, on May 12, 1922, a representative group of Spanish brewers decided to start the “Association of Beer Manufacturers of Spain'.

El Águila, La Cruz del Campo, Mahou, Damm, Estrella de Galicia and La Zaragozana, were only some of the brand names represented by the organization since its start.

And since then, due to its evolution and adaptation to the changing political and economical environment, the association would undergo diverse changes in its name and interests, as described below.

· 1940 - 1968. The Beer and Malt Department

Spanish breweries underwent two changes in the name of their association, from 1940 to 1968, from the “Association of Beer Manufacturers of Spain” to “National Syndicate Service of Beer” and a short time after, “Beer and Malt Department”, as an integral part of the “National Syndicate of Wine, Beer and Beverages”.

As expected, the scarcity of raw materials was the main worry of the beer producers during the early years of this period. Because of this concern, the Spanish Society of Hops Promotion was formed.

During this period, new brewing companies like San Miguel and Compañía Cervecera de Canarias appeared .

The Spanish brewing industry of that period also showed a growing interest in the improvement of product quality, which brought the creation of the Spanish Association of Beer and Malt Engineers. Likewise, it began to approach international brewing organizations, such as the EBC (European Brewery Convention).

· 1968 - 1977. National Association of Beer Manufacturers of Spain

After 1968, the organization, as the “National Association of Beer Manufacturers of Spain”, underwent an important modernization process of its beer companies. New companies were born, others disappeared, and the first concentration movements took place in a sector mainly worried about packaging materials, prices, as well as our country’s first negotiations with the European Economic Community.

· 1977. National Association of Beer Manufacturers

The time between September 27, 1977, year ANFACE (National Association of Beer Manufacturers) was founded, and January 3, 1995, birth of “Cerveceros de España”, The Brewers of Spain, was a decisive period for the history of the association.

On the one hand, the attainment of investments in the Spanish brewing industry, as a direct consequence of our country in the EEC and the growing interest of the Spanish market and its consumption, revived the concentration in the sector giving rise to large brewing companies, along with the existing breweries, to achieve that today we are the third largest beer producing country within the European Union.

On the other hand, the internationalization of our beer was reinforced with the integration of the association in national and international bodies of certain importance, which continue today to contribute to the placement of the Spanish brewing sector in the highest level within the European brewing sector.

· 1995 – Current Situation. Cerveceros de España

This last and crucial period stands out in the history of the association, which began on January 3, 1995, date on which the first meeting of the association took place under the name “Cerveceros de España”, The Brewers of Spain, which continues to be its name today.

On one side, during these last years the concentration process of the sector has reached its climax, from which today’s large brewing companies have emerged and other smaller ones have consolidated. Currently there are six brewing companies that make up Cerveceros de España, bringing together almost all beer production in our country.

On the other side, nationwide, Cerveceros de España is a member of FIAB (Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries) and, through FIAB, the CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations). Additionally, the association chairs Ecovidrio, a non-profit ecological organization created for glass container recycling.

Lastly, within the framework of the European Union, Cerveceros de España is an active member of the Brewers of Europe association (BOE) and, through BOE, of the European Confederation of the Food and Beverage Industry (CIIA). Additionally, it continues to participate in the EBC (European Brewery Convention), body dedicated to the investigation and improvement of the quality of beer.